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Sherri Lightner
Sherri at City Council
Sherri questioning City staff at City Council meeting (June 13, 2011)
SIO Lifeguard Station Re-Opening
Photo Credit: La Jolla Patch
SIO Lifeguard Station Re-Opening (2011)
Judicial Dr Ribbon Cutting
Sherri at Judicial Drive ribbon cutting (May 27, 2010)
Sherri Lightner

Sherri's First-Term Achievements

Pension Reform

  • Approved an historic agreement on retiree healthcare that will save the City hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Enacted a new pension plan that provides long-term savings - as much as $17 million in 2030 and $28 million in 2040.
  • Instituted a citywide salary freeze that reduced the City's unfunded pension liability by $100 million.
  • Supports Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative and will continue to work cooperatively with our city employees to maximize savings.

Managed Competition

  • Recognized leader in the managed competition process, singled out by Mayor Sanders for improving the process through her "independence and policy knowledge."
  • Approved managed competition for printing operations, fleet services, street sweeping, and street maintenance, saving taxpayers more than $5.5 million annually.
  • Ensured tough environmental standards and improved service levels through the managed competition process for the Miramar Landfill.


  • Successfully advocated for creation of a new City Council committee to focus exclusively on local economic development and job creation and serves as chair of this important new committee.
  • Worked closely with businesses to establish the La Jolla Village Merchants Association.
  • Supported the expansion of Enterprise Zones in District One.


  • Resurfaced over 34 miles of streets in District 1.
  • Provided excellent, responsive constituent services in order to respond to issues such as potholes, street lights, water leaks, painting curbs, graffiti, trash, street sweeping, brush clearance, weeds, code compliance, and other issues.
  • Made filling potholes a real priority, holding two recent pothole roundups that filled more than 1,200 potholes in just two weeks.

Smart Growth

  • Worked to pass Proposition C to allow the completion of the Pacific Highlands Ranch Community.
  • Helped the community and developers reach consensus on the expansion of the Flower Hill Mall.
  • Opposed huge expansion of Del Mar Fairgrounds, resulting in changes reducing some of the impact of the proposed new development.


  • Developed a Comprehensive Water Policy that will serve as blueprint for the City of San Diego to address its long-term water needs.
  • Advocated for a transit-first approach and against the widening of I-5 as part of SANDAG's 2050 Regional Transportation Plan.
  • Approved incentives to encourage green, sustainable building.

Public Safety

  • Successfully fought to end fire engine brownouts on July, 1 2011.
  • Found funding for improved lifeguard staffing and training to help keep our beaches safe.
  • Improved communication between police and the community with frequent meetings to respond to concerns about crime and public safety.


  • Maintained library and recreation center hours and after-school programs despite ongoing budget deficits.
  • Helped University City neighborhood recover from military jet crash by expediting permitting for rebuilding impacted homes, resurfacing damaged streets, organizing community meetings, and ensuring the community got information as quickly as possible.
  • Saved beach fire pits from removal.

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