Re-Elect Sherri Lightner for City Council



Remember when our city was in turmoil because our mayor resigned, and there was a special election to choose our next mayor?  We voted for Jerry Sanders or Donna Frye.  Most people would agree it was a critical election for San Diego.

Ray Ellis didn’t vote in that election, or quite a few others.  In fact,  Ray Ellis did not vote in 10 elections in 16 years.

He skipped elections for President, Congress and even the office he is running for—The City Council!

So far he is dodging the question of why he didn’t vote all those times.  Rather than tell us why he doesn’t care enough to show up at the polls, here’s what he said:

“I'm not sure where that’s coming from.” 

We can tell him where:  It’s coming from records at the Registrar of Voters.  

Why won’t he tell us why he didn’t vote?  Because there is no good excuse for not voting in 10 elections in 16 years!  On Ray’s web site he says that while serving on the retirement board, he was “powerless to change the policies passed by the Council.”  Voting IS the power to enact change and Ray Ellis has ignored this right and opportunity.  A person who doesn't care enough about the issues in his own community to vote on them doesn't deserve to serve on the City Council as our representative.

If you would like to hear this directly from Ray, watch the video.
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