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Sherri Lightner
JJ the Whale Day at Birch Aquarium
Sherri at JJ the Whale Day at Birch Aquarium (May 16, 2011)
Sherri Lightner
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Sherri's Values

Political Philosophy

I am not, by nature, a politician. I have no ambitions to use a term on City Council as a stepstool to higher office. Even as recently as twelve months ago, I never even thought I would throw my hat in the ring. But our crumbling infrastructure, our dwindling City services, the increased pressure to change—even obliterate—neighborhoods in the name of progress, and the deaf ear that has been turned to us from City Hall changed my mind. I am running from my own personal conviction that San Diegans deserve a better and more responsive government.

I will give priority to neighborhoods. That's where we live. We deserve basic services in our neighborhoods. I will fight to fund community-policing efforts, fix our streets, keep our parks and libraries open, and give you a real voice in your neighborhoods.

Honesty pays. Duplicitous deals, pet projects, and a lack of political courage have placed our city in financial straits. I will be open, candid, and forthright with citizens about the budget. Financial belt-tightening will affect the people—they should have a say in how it occurs. We must also look to the future and stop saddling our children—and their children—with our debts and failed promises. We must leave them with a better San Diego.

I will fight to preserve and enhance our Quality of Life. Progress does not happen in a vacuum: new development impacts our life in more ways than providing fancy new homes or a more convenient Starbucks. Increased traffic, dwindling water resources, and thinly stretched emergency services all have a negative effect on how we live. Wise planning should account for cumulative impacts, and Community Plans must be considered a blueprint for building, not a wish list.

I will protect our coastline, natural resources and open space. With my track record, you know I'll fight to protect our beaches, parks, and open space. As an engineer, I understand complex environmental and technical issues.

Plan for the future. The business of government is not just to keep things running, nor should it be a vehicle for short-term profit. I will not only plan in ways that better protect our environment and make San Diego a leader in the burgeoning green economy, I will also fight to prevent our children from being saddled by our own debts.

I will run my Council office as I run my campaign. I will focus on the issues and the public good. I believe that performance is a reflection of character. I do not stoop to half-truths, inaccuracies, "gotcha" moments, or smear tactics that other campaigns employ; likewise, none of these practices will have any place in my Council office. I will represent my constituents with honor, respect, integrity, and principle. The people of District 1—and all of San Diego—deserve nothing less.

I am grateful for the support my grassroots campaign has drawn. I do not have the financial might to self-fund my own campaign, nor can I count on large donations from powerful special interests or political sugar daddies. In the 2008 campaign support came from average residents from across District 1—80% of it, in fact. If one is so cynical to believe that no elected official can ignore his or her campaign donors, you have only to look to your neighbors to know where my loyalties lie.

Sherri Lightner

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